How To Choose The Right Skin Products For Your Skin Type

How To Choose The Right Skin Products For Your Skin?

How do you choose the ideal product for your skin type in the sea of multiple award winners, marketing gimmicks, sponsored content, and all the "bests"? 

Whether you shop online or in-store, choosing between multiple products becomes difficult, especially when all of them are "perfect" for you. You often come across listicles telling you the '10 best sunscreen or moisturizers' for you, but you are still confused about what is best for you.

This is because no single product can be the best for everyone with similar concerns. We make it easier for you by laying down ground rules to remember the next time you are stocking up on skincare. This article will help you add effective skin care products to your cart. 

Tips To Choose The Right Skin Products For Your Skin Type

Know your skin type

The common mistake is believing one size fits all for your skincare routine. Each individual has a different skin type, and special skin care needs to be based on age, lifestyle, hormones, and climatic conditions.

Various kinds of skin types are- normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and combination skin. However, your skin type doesn't stay the same throughout your life.  

To determine your skin type at home, wash your face and pat it dry with a towel. Wait for about 20 minutes, and then stick three pieces of tape on your face: one across your forehead, one down the length of your nose, and one across one of the cheeks. Wait for about 5 minutes, then remove the tapes.

If you observe tiny droplets, you have oily skin, if the skin is flaky, you have dry skin, and combinations of both means you have combination skin.

Always keep your skin type in mind

Keep your skin type in mind when buying skin products at the risk of sounding repetitive. It may sound like a no-brainer, but trust me, it is very easy to buy impulsively when you are lured by the excellent packaging, texture, and marketing.

If you have dry skin but decide to buy those detoxifying peel-off masks- yes, the glitter-loaded ones you saw on Instagram. There is a high chance you will end up with drier dull skin. Always check the product information on the brand's website and the ingredients in the product to ensure it will suit your skin type.

Consider price points

Not everything expensive is good for your skin. If you find a product you want to try but are unsure if it's worth splurging on, you can try a sample size. And once you are sure about the product's effectiveness, you can invest in the larger version.

Take time to do your research

The Internet is filled with skin care product reviews from bloggers to researchers. Have you spotted a product you like on Instagram and wondered if it suits your skin? Look it up.

Reading and watching reviews from multiple people will help you determine the pros and cons and help you decide if you should get the product.

Read those listicles

When going through an article about the 10 best sunscreens for you, don't simply look through the images and brand names to pick one. Read through the article and see the ingredients and description of each product.

There is a good chance that each one of them will have one or two features that will stand out. Pick the one with features and ingredients suitable for your needs.

Speak to your dermatologist

If you are someone who visits their doctor often or shares a close relationship with them. Dropping them a text would be even better. If you found a product with a great deal and want to try it, speak to your dermatologist or keep a list of products you want to try and run it by your dermatologist the next time you see them. They will be able to tell you if the product will do you any good or not. 

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