Best Organic Toners To Hydrate Your Skin In 2022

Best Organic Toners To Hydrate Your Skin In 2023

Do you need a toner? Is that one additional skin care step important? What happens if you skip it? This article will tell you whether toner is worth the hype

Chances are you have slapped alcohol-based toner on your acne-prone skin as a teenager and winced while it stung, reminding yourself that the product promises to remove oil and acne-causing bacteria.  But since then, the skincare market has grown tremendously. Now you have many formulations of toner which stings less and work more. 

We have discussed everything you need to know about toners and put together an edit of our favorite organic toners that hydrate, cleanse and prime the skin for the products that follow it.  

What is toner? Why do you need it?

A toner feels like water but is loaded with more hydrogen and oxygen.  It is also filled with valuable ingredients such as tea tree oil, hyaluronic acid,  salicylic acid, glycerine, aloe vera, and many more, depending on the end goal. 

It's practically a fast-seeping liquid into the skin, bringing the skin's pH to its normal acidic value. It also sweeps impurities away, hydrates, and prepares the skin for creams and serums. 

Most dermatologists claim that toners help your anti-acne or anti-aging regime work better on your skin. 

However, what toners can not do is reduce the actual size of the pores. They help hydrate or treat. If you are using alcohol-heavy toner filled with harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, it may cause an inflammatory response in the skin.

It might lead to the pores looking smaller for some time, but it is not suitable for the skin's mantle. Hence, organic toners are the best choice for your skin health. 

Best Organic Toners To Hydrate Your Skin In 2023

Aarde Organic Rose Water Toner

Rose water is known to be a natural astringent while also balancing the skin’s pH. Aarde organic rose water is infused with powerful probiotics that balance the skin's flora for a healthier complexion. 

This serum is excellent for any skin type and is a great addition to your skincare routine, especially if you have sensitive skin. Keep this simple yet powerful toner handy to refresh and hydrate your skin on a warm, dry day. 

Aarde Tea Tree Face Toner

This alcohol-paraben- and fragrance-free formula is the perfect pick for dry or sensitive skin types because it will keep the skin drenched, but also for acne-prone skin types with blemishes due to tea tree's anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

It is enriched with ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerine, which provide additional protection and hydration to your skin.  

Aarde Green Tea & Hyaluronic Toner

Aarde Green Tea and Hyaluronic toner mist drench the skin in hyaluronic acid, a known moisture booster; green tea work to soothe skin and reduce redness. It is perfect for its anti-aging properties and helps your skin look refreshed and healthy. 

Tips for choosing the toner for your skin type

  • Alcohol-free toner is your best option if you have dry or sensitive skin.  Toners containing glycerine or tea tree extracts will soften and calm your skin and prepare it for the following makeup steps.  
  • You need skin-nourishing agents such as beta-glucans in your mist for inflammatory or redness-prone skin. 
  • You need antioxidants and hydration-rich toners if your skin looks more mature or aged. 
  • For those with oily skin and larger pores, toners rich in salicylic acid are ideal. 
  • Aarde Tea tree skin toner is perfect for preparing your skin for makeup application. 

So how should you use the toner?

Toners are very light in consistency; their molecules seep into your skin quickly, so following the cleanse-tone-moisturize technique, applying toner right after cleansing is the best way to get all the benefits from your toner.

When your skin is still wet, the molecules penetrate better.

Warm the toner in your palm and then apply it all over your face by dabbing. However, you can also use it with a cotton pad, swiping across your face.  

Investing in suitable toners can be your best bet to up your skincare game.

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