Best Organic Face Cleanser

Best Organic Face Cleanser

Your ticket to clearer skin may just lie in an effective but gentle cleanser that won't give acne a fighting chance.

Many agree that washing your face is the most essential step in a skincare routine. Now the quest to find the best face cleanser is even more critical.

According to dermatologists, it's most important to find a face cleanser that removes makeup, pollutants, oil build-up, and other dirt without stripping off your face's protective barrier. It is also imperative to choose a face cleanser free of parabens, polyethylene glycols, artificial fragrances, or colors. 

Why is investing in a good cleanser so important?

Face cleansers are essential to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Face washes are designed to remove dirt and makeup from your skin. But here's the tricky part: when your face is cleansed too frequently due to harsh soap or in contact with water, your skin loses its natural moisture- leaving it vulnerable to dryness and irritation.

While some cleansers for dry skin may contain harsh detergents to get your skin squeaky clean, other rich cleansers can clog your pores. 

 The best cleansers are gentle on your skin, which cleanses your skin along with moisturizing and hydrating it.  

Choosing your face cleanser based on your skin type

  • Face cleansers for dry skin
  • If you have dry skin, your cleanser should contain moisturizing components and fatty acids. Ingredients such as petroleum, lanolin, and mineral oil will benefit your skin type. These cleaners will clean your skin and leave a thin film of moisture. Look for cleansers free of alcohol, fragrance, or chemicals that do not contain foam. Avoiding antibacterial soaps and cleansers enriched with exfoliators such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid is also essential. These will make your skin drier. 

  • Face cleansers for oily skin
  • The ideal face cleanser for someone with oily skin contains ingredients such as tea tree oil or aloe vera; these ingredients are mild, balance oil production, and promote clear skin. If you have oily skin, avoiding ingredients such as oil, fatty acids, or alcohol will benefit you greatly. 

    People with acne-prone oily skin should wash their face twice a day with a salicylic acid cleanser. Salicylic acid unclogs the pores, reduces oil production, and thus reduces acne.

  • Face cleansers for sensitive or combination skin
  • Sensitive skin or combination skin will benefit from ultra-gentle cleansers. Organic and natural cleaners, free of fragrance, paraben, soap, and hypoallergenic, are the best options for sensitive skin. Micellar waters are the best ingredient for this skin type.

    Best organic cleansers to choose from

  • Aarde Kojic Cleanser
  • This gentle cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin since it contains aloe, vera decyl glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Butyrospermum, avocado oil, and vegetable glycerin, which soothes and coddles your skin's natural moisture. The organic turmeric in the cleanser also acts as an antibacterial and prevents or treats acne.

  • Aarde Green Tea & Camellia Cleanser
  • If you want an all-natural, soothing face wash that will treat your acne, look no further. This natural cleanser is proof that superfood is not just for your insides. This cleanser is rich in green tea, coconut oil, organic camellia oil, and lactic acid, which levels up your skin glow. Green tea is also a rich source of antioxidants that slow aging.

  • Aarde Organic Rose Water Cleanser
  • This rose water-infused cleanser does a great job of keeping the skin radiant, bright, and healthy. Other ingredients include Cocamidopropyl betaine, decyl glucoside, sodium lauroyl lactylate, kosher vegetable glycerin, sweet almond oil shea butter, and hibiscus extract harnesses the antioxidant properties and uses them to cleanse, hydrate, tone, and repair your skin.

  • Aarde Retinol Face Cleanser
  • When treating skin aging concerns, this retinol face cleanser is the gold standard for skincare. It has proven skin benefits, including smoothening the appearance, brightening pigmentation, and firming and unclogging pores.


    If you find your skin looking dry, lifeless, and lacking the natural glow, it may be time to look at what you put on your skin daily. By switching to natural cleansers, you will reap the benefits of natural ingredients, making your skin look glowy and healthy. 

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